Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have been asked by a few, where I see this blog going. I will be honest, just like my needlework and all I have accomplished, let's see where it goes.

Most of the things I have managed to accomplish have been through the viewpoint "what if..."  and that is what I am going to go with. Let's see where this goes...

Many artists talk of inspiration.  I get my ideas from many things.  It can be something outside the window, the time of year, an occasion, or an article where I love the colour arrangement.

As I write this, St. Patrick's Day approaches.  I am thinking of designs to compliment the biscornu in Cross Stitch And Needlework magazine last year I created.  It had a St. Patrick's theme to it.  I would like to complete the set.  The ideas are in my head and need to get to paper.  I also need to complete a couple other things I have on the side table to complete.  I know magazines work well in advance of where we are in the year.  If I get the designs done and present them, maybe these new pieces to match the St Patty's biscornu will be part of Cross Stitch and Needlework.  I will definitely let you know how that goes.

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