Monday, August 8, 2016

August 2016


Wow! August already!

It has been a very busy time since last post (can't believe the date on that). I officially have my Teacher Certificate for Embroidery.

I have taught my first class. it was with the Toronto Guild. It was a Blackwork course. I designed a special biscornu for them.

It was designed to give the students as much choice to make it their own and match their skill level with Blackwork. It was a fun day. I enjoyed meeting and working with all those who attended.

I have been busy coming up with designs for The Embroiderers' Association of Canada's(EAC) Seminar in 2018. Submissions for classes are due Sept 1, 2016. This is part of the reason I have been quiet.

I was fortunate to win Seminar theme for EAC's Seminar 2016 - Inspiring Threads. I have a piece being considered for the Bobby Pilling Award with EGA, and I am looking to submit to the "Eye of the Needle" exhibit with EGA, as well. A few designs have headed off to various magazines too.

This fall I will be hosting my first Cyber class. The piece is called Muskoka Landscape. It involves Pulled Thread and Surface embroidery together. In designing it, I wanted to include both, but was aware that many shy away from counted embroidery. The piece is approximately 4 X 6 inches, so enough to try something new It is being offered with Virtual Threads, the cyber guild of EAC (on Yahoo). It is open to members of Virtual Threads. I will post a picture after the class. If you are a member, photos and information are posted in the Files section. If you are not a member of Virtual Threads, consider checking it out. While you check it out, you can see this workshop being offered - one of many they do offer(they try to provide workshops in a variety of techniques)

Well back to work. It has been an awesome summer (a Little too dry but not complaining as the snow will fly soon enough)

Happy Stitching!