Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summertime and Inspiration

I hope you are enjoying these summer days, and keeping cool when it is needed.  I know some people that don't spend as much time of sewing in the summer as they do in the winter.

I find I make the time to find a shady spot to sew in summer, just like in the winter I find a cozy spot (usually next to the wood stove).  I also find I take more photographs of flowers, birds, landscapes now and save them for designing whenever the idea strikes.  Sometimes I will take a series of photos of a flower as it goes from bud to complete flower to have on file for designing.  I will take photos from different angles in case when I am designing I need a particular perspective.  These photos are also great for matching colours. I know there are many on the Internet but I find using ones I have taken mean a little more to me.

So when outside (rain or shine) have the camera near by... you never know where or when the inspiration bug will get you...

Enjoy the summer!