Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hi For 2016 I thought I would try out a couple SALs (also known as Stitch Alongs). One goes the whole year - 1 submission per month - and the other was a submission each week for about six weeks. I wanted to see how I like the different formats. The six week SAL was from Brodeuse-Bressane called Snowdrop. It is actually the center to a much larger piece. The SAL creates the center and then you buy the rest of the pattern. I just wanted to try it, so I set myself up to create the center. You can pick the colours you want. After each week, you send a photo. This is my finished piece:
The second SAL is a Hardanger SAl from Mabel Figworthy. Each month there is a new pattern that focuses on a particular filling or aspect of Hardanger. I signed on for this one because I want to explore more of the different stitches and fillings. I know I have books on the subject, but this makes me try different things that later I can incorporate into my designs. This SAL is called Round in Circles. Colour is yours to pick. She does give suggestions. At the beginning of the month, instructions are sent. You send a photo when you are done. Each month is the same size. I am thinking of maybe a book to put them in, but nothing is really decided. Here is January and February:
I enjoyed Snowdrops and am enjoying the Round in Circles. Lastly, since this weekend is Valentines, I am posting a photo of a couple heart pins I created.
Have a great Valentine's weekend! Happy Stitching! Kim