Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 and 2016

Hi The holiday season is here. The weather is warm, which makes it hard to believe it is that time of year, but I don't mind not shoveling! It has been a busy year. I have been very fortunate. I look forward to 2016. I have a few projects in the making (actually working on them now). I plan on being at Creativ Festival in the fall again and I am working on those projects now. I am planning a couple other workshops and projects for not only 2016 but into 2018...those that know me, know I love working ahead. To end 2015 I had the opportunity to stitch on The Embroiderers' Association of Canada's Project 150. This is a banner created to represent Canada and will be hung in Rideau Hall for Canada's 150th in 2017.Here is a photo of the project:
There is more information about the project on EAC's website at http://www.eac.ca/project150.html Here is a before and after of the section I worked on:
I also created four Izzy dolls for Health Partners International of Canada. A call came out through Virtual Threads (cyber guild of EAC) for more of these ( see http://www.hpicanada.ca/izzy-dolls/) They do not take long and are a great way to use up the little balls of wool laying around. I am planning for 2016 to make more. Here are my four:
For 2016 I have joined two SAL. I will have more information on them in January. I am going to try and make a post at least once a month in the new year. For 2015 I madea "to do" list. It started off very small. I kept track of what I completed, and was quite surprised to see the list grow. There were only two things I did not complete from the original list, but added about thirty other things that came up in the year. I am thinking about maybe hosting my own SAL but probably not until 2017. Have a safe and healthy 2016! Happy Stitching! Kim

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall 2015

Hi I hope all is well. It has been busy here. Happy Belated Halloween! Two weeks ago was Creativ Festival in Toronto. It was different only being there for Saturday. I taught two classes. I would like to thank the sponsors for providing most of the supplies for these classes. The morning one was needle tatting. This was the first time I have taught needle tatting. It was a lot of fun. It was a beginner class and the goal to make a tatted cover for an ornament. I had 16 students and everyone was tatting by the end of our three hours. No one finished the cover, but I think everyone has a good start.
The afternoon was a Hardanger Pincushion. This was a smaller group but still fun, even though we were all tired (them from a busy week of classes at Creativ festival and me a week of work) I try to come up with a small project and try to keep it to three hours to keep cost down, but we were stuck on buttonhole stitch which took most of our time. It was nice to see everyone in this class,as they have been in my other workshops. I was even evaluated for my Teacher Certificate in Needlework. I think, looking back that I am going to set up workshops to focus on the stitches and student can take home the project to complete.
I am now working on two classes for next year's Festival. The students wanted more needle tatting but with beads and they also want to try pulled thread embroidery. I am quite excited with some ideas I have for these - will keep you posted. I am also working on magazine projects. I have one Hardanger piece at Inspirations now. I believe it will be in issue #90. I have two others here that are works in progress. I am also going to submit more regularly to A Needle Pulling Thread. I saw Carla (editor) at Creativ festival and was asked if I planned on continuing to submit projects. I, of course said yes. I like supporting a Canadian magazine. I am working on a couple larger projects for future workshops/classes. My Teacher Certification is almost done. I have the written exam to complete and I believe that finishes that goal. Have a great November! Happy Stitching! Kim

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer time 2015

Hi I am sure everyone has enjoyed this summer so far. I know I have kept busy and haven't been writing much. Time to play catch up. Last time I wrote I did not include that I had entered Nordic Needle's Hardanger Design Contest. It was my second entry and I managed a Honourable Mention. I was very proud. I created a needle case. Today, they returned the needle case with a copy of my write up that is in the book and a rosette.
Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine have posted a few photos of the Fall 2015 issue. I made the cover. In the spring, they asked to do an article on me, so that is also in there. it comes out soon. Can't wait to see it in print!
This summer I have also had the chance to try some quilting....a lot of fun when you have the right person with you... I have also tried crayon tinting. I really like this as I can control where the colour goes. I can also recreate the look of cards that I make. I am working on a couple things using crayon tiniting - we'll see how they turn out. Here is one of my first attempts:
Enjoy the rest of your summer! Happy Stitching! Kim

Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 is quite a year!

Hi I hope all is well with everyone. I have to admit, I am having an awesome year. I guess it is time for an update. First, the Spring issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is now out and I have some more Hardanger featured. I have another piece in the Summer issue, followed by another design in the Fall issue. This is the first time I have had designs for a full year! This is a photo of my piece in the Spring issue:
Next, Seminar 2016 in Calgary just wrapped up for the Embroiderer's Association of Canada. Unfortunately I never get to go because of the day job, but I don't let that stop me from entering pieces in different categoeries. This year, with the inspiration from a creamer, I felted a pumpkin. I really liked how it turned out but wanted to do more embroidery. I decided to do a pumpkin in Blackwork and another in Pulled Thread because I couldn't decide which technique I preferred. The Blackwork one was entered in the Original Design and the Pulled Thread pumpkin in the Pulled Thread. I was very fortunate to have both take the awards.....awesome!!! They just arrived home.
I am considering offering them as a class for Seminar 2018 for EAC. I have a few other designs to submit, so we will have to wait and see. I have been asked by Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine if they could feature me in an article for the Fall issue. They will have a smalls set I designed - sorry no more details there until it is out. I look at this as a wonderful opportunity to share my path so far and where I want to go with my designing. Last but by no way the least, Inspirations #86 is out. I have a piece of Hardanger in it called Queen of Hearts. As I think I have mentioned before, this is my second piece is this beautiful magazine. My first piece was in 2007. It was my second published piece ever. I had no idea at the time what an accomplishment it was, but now cherish both. This present design I had sent for a competition they had last fall. I had sent some other designs asking if they would be interested. They replied that the piece that had arrived had caught their eye and that they would like it for the magazine. I, of course, said "yes".
Like I said it has been quite a year and I look forward to the rest of it! I am still designing and sewing like crazy in my spare time....wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Stitching! Kim

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Creating something from nothing

At a recent retreat, a friend had an neat little item that caught my interest. She had made it at a quilt workshop. It was a collapsible Ort Container. This is something that holds the thread ends from projects. What I liked about this, was it folds up almost to nothing, leaving more room for the more important stuff. I found instructions on the internet and set to work. It didn't take much time and was really easy! Here are the results:
Happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Keeping busy and Zentangle fun

Hi It has been a bit. I have spent these wintery cold days designing and stitching. I just completed a thread painting course with Tanya Berlin. It was great! her instructions and feedback are high quality. Here is the finished piece:
I also completed a piece for Inspirations 11 X 11 Competition:
Last June, I took a Zentangle course through EGA. I really enjoyed it. It took patterns from Zentangles and added paint and embroidery. I have been working on a creative journal where this has been my focus - one zentangle a week. I have recently been making them for some challenges. The Embroiderer's Association of Canada has a Fibre tile challenge and I created
I created two ATCs for an exchange with Virtual Threads - the online cyber guild through EAC
and this little project
So, you can see I have been keeping out of trouble. My last little bit of news for now (and I have manage to keep a secret since September) is I will have a Hardanger design in Inspirations again. I feel very fortunate to be contributing again. The design will be in Issue #86 - out around May. Hopefully Spring will surface soon. I love the longer days...Spring must be close Happy Stitching! Kim