Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 and 2016

Hi The holiday season is here. The weather is warm, which makes it hard to believe it is that time of year, but I don't mind not shoveling! It has been a busy year. I have been very fortunate. I look forward to 2016. I have a few projects in the making (actually working on them now). I plan on being at Creativ Festival in the fall again and I am working on those projects now. I am planning a couple other workshops and projects for not only 2016 but into 2018...those that know me, know I love working ahead. To end 2015 I had the opportunity to stitch on The Embroiderers' Association of Canada's Project 150. This is a banner created to represent Canada and will be hung in Rideau Hall for Canada's 150th in 2017.Here is a photo of the project:
There is more information about the project on EAC's website at http://www.eac.ca/project150.html Here is a before and after of the section I worked on:
I also created four Izzy dolls for Health Partners International of Canada. A call came out through Virtual Threads (cyber guild of EAC) for more of these ( see http://www.hpicanada.ca/izzy-dolls/) They do not take long and are a great way to use up the little balls of wool laying around. I am planning for 2016 to make more. Here are my four:
For 2016 I have joined two SAL. I will have more information on them in January. I am going to try and make a post at least once a month in the new year. For 2015 I madea "to do" list. It started off very small. I kept track of what I completed, and was quite surprised to see the list grow. There were only two things I did not complete from the original list, but added about thirty other things that came up in the year. I am thinking about maybe hosting my own SAL but probably not until 2017. Have a safe and healthy 2016! Happy Stitching! Kim