Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall 2015

Hi I hope all is well. It has been busy here. Happy Belated Halloween! Two weeks ago was Creativ Festival in Toronto. It was different only being there for Saturday. I taught two classes. I would like to thank the sponsors for providing most of the supplies for these classes. The morning one was needle tatting. This was the first time I have taught needle tatting. It was a lot of fun. It was a beginner class and the goal to make a tatted cover for an ornament. I had 16 students and everyone was tatting by the end of our three hours. No one finished the cover, but I think everyone has a good start.
The afternoon was a Hardanger Pincushion. This was a smaller group but still fun, even though we were all tired (them from a busy week of classes at Creativ festival and me a week of work) I try to come up with a small project and try to keep it to three hours to keep cost down, but we were stuck on buttonhole stitch which took most of our time. It was nice to see everyone in this class,as they have been in my other workshops. I was even evaluated for my Teacher Certificate in Needlework. I think, looking back that I am going to set up workshops to focus on the stitches and student can take home the project to complete.
I am now working on two classes for next year's Festival. The students wanted more needle tatting but with beads and they also want to try pulled thread embroidery. I am quite excited with some ideas I have for these - will keep you posted. I am also working on magazine projects. I have one Hardanger piece at Inspirations now. I believe it will be in issue #90. I have two others here that are works in progress. I am also going to submit more regularly to A Needle Pulling Thread. I saw Carla (editor) at Creativ festival and was asked if I planned on continuing to submit projects. I, of course said yes. I like supporting a Canadian magazine. I am working on a couple larger projects for future workshops/classes. My Teacher Certification is almost done. I have the written exam to complete and I believe that finishes that goal. Have a great November! Happy Stitching! Kim